Saturday, December 17, 2011

The journey of my holiday.... vacation and life.

its been a while peeps.
today is my 1st day of my 4 days vacation.
i start my journey from miri @ ppks at 5o'clock at evening to limbang. I have to pass miri-brunei border which gimme a new experience as first time travel alone across two country. from PPKS to the border took about 15minute, its quite fast but quite normal for me with my myvi intermediate FAST machine. Then, i continue my journey to kuala lurah border of brunie-limbang. it took about two and half hours (2 1/2 hours). i have to wait for several minute to across that border as mentioned, the busiest border between brunei and sarawak. Then i continue my path to limbang, which quite disturb by the rain, and the reflect to mentol light of car. Everything is shining and killing my eyes. My night vision is bad and worst when its raining. I have to drive slowly and carefully to ensure all road user safety and comfortableness. It took about 45 minute to reach limbang. My math not good by my watch told me, my journey to limbang from miri took about 3 and 45minute. It was amazing and i hope, i could and would do more better in future in term of decrease my traveling hours. hehehehe. I close my day at prime hotel worth rm35/night.

As early as 6 oclock in the morning, i get myself ready, shower, dressed up and packed my stuff. At 6:20 am , i rush to the limbang-brunei border called ferry temburong in order to go to lawas. the 'Q' was long, and so "lambat @slow" to get the ferry across the tiny river the act as border of two country. I have to wait about 1 hour and 40 minute to get my ferry ride to across the tiny miny river. I was so mad, sad, and excited during that moment. I felt mad because both country were rich but, cant build any thing called bridge@jembatan, I was sad because few vehicle not properly Q for the ferry ride. Nonsense!! and i was excited during my turn to ride the ferry because i know, i'm very close to the lawas as i pass the temburong border. hehehe.. The last border i need to settle is , Brunei-lawas border. It was easy and fast which i not counting any minute or hours. hehehe

At 830, i reach lawas and meet my friend. She is a local girl which i met at MIRI. I was lucky to know , and happy to be her friend. She help me so much, and give me inspiration to live a good and better life. I'm praying to Allah to fulfill all her Doa as she been through a lot of pain. I want to be her man if there is a Jodoh between me and she. I want to be a honest and good person for this friendship and relationship. I know, i'm not very good person for her, but i trying to change myself to suit her shirt and life style. If she is in pain, i would cry for her,and if she is in trouble, i will give all i have to fix it. Its sound crazy but that is my honest toward her. Kitak!, if you read this, i hope you can treasure more about our friendship and relationship. I want you to know, that i falling over you. I want to tell the world that i want to be your man . Forever!.
At afternoon , we went to sepitang for ABC and satay and waiting for sunset along with her best friend called Aniza nani. The ABC was amazing, and the satay ayam was good.We ate around $% stick of 35 ayam satay and 10 beef satay. nyam nyam... ehehhe. Then, we took fews picture as memory that we reach the sepitang and having a very good time. I told she, that the vacation isnot only about place and distance, but its about quality of vacation. Where you go, who you go with and what the activity you do.

At 6 pm, i start my cars engine for home. We drop Aniza nani at merapok ,and straight away to lawas. At 7, i reach at 'Kitak' house and back to my hotel for refeshing. At night, we plan to go to her friend wedding event, which required a pass word from her little brother as to proceed the plan. I would like to go too, but i care most about her fever and flu... which i prefer the plan to be cancel. Now, im still waiting for the Text msg from her. I guess , she already fall a sleep and hoping the plan cancel so that she can rest and get well soon on the next morning. :)

to be continue.....

The picture will be upload in the next entry. :):) peace no war.

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