Tuesday, September 28, 2010

how to express your feeling to the one you love.

this is the lyric from kim jong kook(KJK) song.... TODAY IS MORE THAN YESTERDAY

can i look at just one person forever?
can i treasure you more than myself?
i can answer anyone who asks
that you are my love

i'm not going to make a promise
but if it's possible to waver for a moment
i would not have started at all
if it was going to be a love that ended before my heart

i love you today more than i did yesterday
it's the fisrt time i ound someone so precious that it hurts
in order to meet you and to be this happy
i must have been through a lot of pain

there will be hard days
the pain which does not stop my tears
will end one day
the only things that doesn't end is our love

Friday, September 24, 2010

Bintulu fishing offshore

This is Gaint travelly well-know as GT among anglerz. GT is the game fish that most anglerz want to fight. The very strong tail, allow it to swim fast and use it to strike the small prey. Sometime, it used its tail to defend itself.That why, many cases of broken line while fight with GTs.

recently, i went to bintulu offshore hunting for big game fish. The common game fish in bintulu is GTs. The average size of GT over there is 10-20kg, but sometimes, it can grows up to 45kg as other anglers told us. I want to try by my own hand, thus i prepare my medium jigging set. The reel that i use is tica taurus 5000 and daiwa freamj 4500. Rod that i brought to bintulu is , shino pe 4 Max and pre-tech titanium pe5-6. My line is 50lbs and shock leader is 100lbs by xjoga.

The Gt is very strong fish, yet also little bit cleaver than other fish. As strike the jig, it swim deeper , faster and try to reach the coral, rock and sometime to the platform jacket as to break the line. It will shake its tail, and if you very 'lucky', your line break like cut by the knife.
My 100lbs leader was cut very nice by Gts, its shows how sharp the GT's tail contact the line.
My advice is to used 150-200lbs shock leader and you will never regret.

Picture above show, 17kg GT caught in bintulu offshore .i took around 10-15 minute to bring the fish up. The biggest GT on that trip is around 23kg... it was huge... more than 30minute fight.

olf fork said, dont predict the ocean, because ocean will predict you by the big wave a multiple choice of fish, size,and weight.

that all i can share...
thank for reading my humble blog entry
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