Sunday, March 29, 2009

short trip to cameron highland.

where should i go ?
pulau pangkor? herm??,,, sound good, ok la pangkor is the place.
wait mr albert to pick me up.
sabar sabar.

hello driver. i though we go to pulau pangkor, but why we go to the mountain?
cis, last minute tuka plan. pegi cameron highland(CH). ok la sebab x pernah pegi cameron highland. org kata kat CH byk buah starberry n sejok.. who knows.. sebab belum sampe lagk. hehehe

before we go to tanah rata, we lepak at brinchang... got saturday market. hahaha.
lot of stuft u can buy, strawberry, strawberry pop ice, key chain..etc..etc..
food for sure la... banyakkkkkk

both of us mata sepet.
the differ is, i'm malay.
almost all chinese speak chinese to me. gila.

the food...Wan Tan Ho
papapa jak la...
yng pntng , i look yummy n tasty... yes it is.
yummy pun yummy , tp rm 16.00...
positive positive... bukan selalu. hehehe
well.. having WAn Tan Ho on the top of mountain. hehehe
plus the teh o. fuyooo

ternemu la my school mate.. cipot n mel at tanah rata cameron highland.
so suprise... hehehe, dunia mmg kecik.

picture sebelum balit.
sikda papa d beli, just baju cap cameron highland (CH).
box of strawberry and ketam goreng. hahhaa

that was my short trip to cameron highland's story.
"ada jodoh".

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


This not " main tapok@sorok2"
This is WAR
The last standing soldier. It was me ok... believe it!

The heavy gun only for pro, yeah like us. hehehe

M16 rifle on my hand..., good for mid range target.
Mr onnie on his sniper rifle"the hunter machine".


Monday, March 2, 2009

My 1st success project.

MURPHY platform, GOPA ( golok wellhead platform)
GOPA is the Natural gas wellhead platform.

from right: ndlaw(me), chong( ICS vendor supplier), mr onnie( client from Murphy sarawak), and anip( trainee).
GOPA( the big yellow ) is loaded using that green mechine( bugge). The very high tourqe vehicle.
The bugge lift up the platform and transfer to the ship(bus).
GOPA will located in bintulu sarawak.
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